Rene Magritte - The Talkative Jewels


By Frank O’Hara 
Totally abashed and smiling

I walk in
Sit down &
Face the frigidaire
                                  it’s April
                                 no May
                                 it’s May

such little things have to be established in morning
after the big things of night
                   do you want me to come? when
I think of all the things I’ve been thinking of
                                                                                        I feel insane
simply “life in Birmingham is hell”
              simply “you will miss me
                                     but that’s good”
when the tears of a whole generation are assembled
they will only fill a coffee cup
                        just because they evaporate 
doesn’t mean life has heat 
                       “this various dream of living”
I am alive with you
        full of anxious pleasures & pleasurable anxiety
hardness & softness
listening while you talk & talking while you read
I read what you read
                                   you do not read what I read
which is right, I am the one with the curiosity
                                  you read for some mysterious reason
                                 I read simply because I am a writer
the sun doesn’t necessarily set, sometimes it just
      when you’re not here someone walks in
                                                         and says “hey,
there’s no dancer in that bed”
                                O the Polish summers! those drafts!
                            those black and white teeth!
you never come when you say you’ll come but on the
                                                                    other hand you do come


Kurt Solmssen, RG and the Yellow Boat, 2013


Christina Gransow


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